Account-Based Travelling for European Public Transport

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This PhD research project is performed by Mr. Martin Pekárek MSc. Below he gives a short summary of the project.

Summary project Martin Pekárek MSc

Privacy-enhanced e-ticketing solutions using location-based services

The capability to support location-based services becomes increasingly available to the general public thanks to the rapid adoption of smart mobile devices (e.g. iPhones, BlackBerries). The personal nature of these appliances makes them especially suitable to offer location-based services to individual users. A prime example is e-ticketing for public transport: based on the starting point and the end point of a journey, the covered distance can be calculated. The growing availability of location-based services potentially offers opportunities to develop e-ticketing solutions for travellers.

At the same time, location-based services present serious privacy issues. Parties involved in integrated e-ticketing solutions based on location-based services may obtain and store information on the user’s location, which may be undesirable from the perspective of the user. Examples of unintended use of location information are continuous surveillance, social sorting and unsolicited direct marketing. Privacy aspects must therefore be considered as fundamental to potential future solutions.

This research project investigates the technical and organisational choices available to model future privacy-enhanced e-ticketing solutions using location-based services that respect relevant legal constraints. It expects to demonstrate choices and trade-offs to be made when implementing future e-ticketing solutions in the area of public transport. The project is accommodated at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT), a multidisciplinary research department of Tilburg University. More information on this research can be found in the academic publications.

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