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This PhD research project is performed by Mr. Pim Vullers MSc. Below he gives a short summary of the project.

Summary project Pim Vullers MSc

Applet-based e-Ticketing
This project is focused on electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for public transport (but also looking for broader application areas of the technologies). It is called applet-based because it focuses on programmable smart cards on which small applications (applets) can be installed. The project consists of two tracks, one focusing on the developments around the new OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands and the other one focuses on privacy-preserving technologies for smart cards.

The next generation OV-chipkaart
In this track I have mainly been working on two topics. First the new OV-chipkaart, developed by Open Ticketing Institute and Trans Link Systems, is designed as an application rather than an actual card. This allows us to make our own open source implementation, based on the OV Applet specifications, of this application which provides more insight in the new design. This implementation will be released in the near future.

Furthermore I have been working with Jos Bosch and Luuk Danes on the project called PT-chipcard in which we studied innovations for the next generation OV-chipkaart. The project was focused on improvements of the current design which are actually possible, that is, which do not need future generations of smart cards or advanced technologies.

Anonymous credentials for smart cards
This more academic track focuses on technologies which provide anonymous credentials for smart cards. An anonymous credentials is a credential which is not linked to an identity, like the paper train ticket. This in contrast to the OV-chipkaart which currently links your travel history and travel products to the card number.

We have been working on various technologies for which we have focused on implementing them on a smart card. Self-blindable credentials provide strong unlinkability for a single attribute, but have only recently been developed at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Microsoft U-Prove offers a pseudonym system with selective disclosure of a number of attributes. Finally Identity Mixer from IBM provides an advanced, but also complex, anonymous credentials system offering unlinkability and multiple attributes. More information on this research can be found in the academic publications.

More information
For more information concerning this project please have a look at my homepage or contact me.

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